In this ever changing world, we seldom think rationally and the result being that we are always the last passengers to board the flight, we speak of modernisation and think proud to be in 21st century never giving second thought whether we are in tune with the changes. In fact we are bold enough to accept the fact that there is still so much to learn we have to make strong commitments to remove our mistakes and accept reality. It is only then our society and country will be put into gear to surpass the present ups and down, we being Indians it is our prime duty to help the ignorant ones by imparting high quality of moral and academic approach to them. I strongly support the slogan of Shiv Khera “Educating the mind without MORAL created a maniac in the society”. Hence a great effort is needed for the upliftment of the all around development of a student, so we are here to render the same to the students of this society and the nation to make them so high …… “The education of the most value is that which draws out the faculties of a student as to enable him/her to solve problems in life”: Mahatma Gandhi


Dr. Abhai Kumar Mishra (Manager)