“Service before Self”, the motto of OM PUBLIC SCHOOL is a reflection of its ethos and a desire to usher in a new era of knowledge with a belief that every child, however different has the right to education. A mission to give equal opportunities to each stakeholder for personal growth through ‘value added’ education. A mission to arm the students with special skills to enable them to be successful in every sphere of life. A mission to make each child into a wholesome human being, who will essentially believe and work towards ‘Service before Self’. A mission to be an integral part of the community – reaching out to every part of it and enriching it in our own special way. At OM PUBLIC SCHOOL, we aim at the ‘Holistic Development’ of each child by inculcating ‘Core Values’ at every stage through the right blend of academics, activities and sports. It seeks to draw out maximum benefits from education without missing out on the fun and sweetness of childhood. Learning at OM PUBLIC SCHOOL, Gopiganj, Bhadohi is interactive, tactile and it believes in producing creative thinkers.